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FidumVee is a full-service Industrial Security Consultancy. We provide Security consulting services for small to medium sized businesses that are a part of the National Industrial Security Program. We offer the full gambit of services from assisting with the initial FCL process and training to the creation and maintenance of an effective and DCSA compliant Security Program. We can handle your day-to-day security needs so you can focus on business growth.

Fidum Vee stands for trust

We are a full managed service facilities security officer service, we understand the importance of placing your trust in us for something as important as maintaining the security practices and postures of your organization's contracts.

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Facility Clearance (FCL) Management

We handle the Clearance process from start to finish, from intiating the completion of the SF-86, working your candidates through e-QIP, and finally maintaining documentations and submissions in accordance with DCSA requirements.

Education, training, and briefings

We facilitate, document, and manage training for your organizationa or contract staff, as well as handle indoctrinations, and other briefings such as SCIF, COMSEC, OPSEC, and foreign travel briefings.

Reports and Documentation

Let us manage your threat assesments, creation of standardized security practices and procedures, needed checklists and guides as well as provide useful reports and audits regarding different aspects of the contract security posture.

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